Original title: Which of the five famous outdoor survival knives is your favorite? No.1 Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Straight Knife This should be a real straight knife designed for outdoor survival, which is designed and built by Bell himself. Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife uses 9Cr19MoV high carbon steel, which is between 440B and 440C stainless steel, with good toughness and blade resistance. Initially, Gobo used 7Cr17MoV steel, which is resistant to wear and has high hardness,titanium sheet grade 5, but its toughness is not outstanding. Full keel construction. This means that the steel from the tip to the end of the shank is connected. Full keel construction is recognized by most knifemakers as the strongest and most durable knife construction. No.2 American ESEE Lite Machete Light Jungle Outdoor Straight Knife ESEE Knives is a famous American jungle survival knife company. Their knives are developed and manufactured for use in harsh environments. They are strong and durable. Their slogan is "Let ESEE take you on an adventure." ESEE's knives are as famous in North America as the famous tactical knife producers Chris Reeve and T. O. P (Advanced Tactical), whose knife design and workmanship are almost comparable to Chris Reeve's. ESEE Lite Machete light jungle outdoor straight blade is forged by 1095 high carbon steel. The integrated keel blade forged by 1095 steel is strong and tough. The flat grinding method makes the blade sharper. The surface is treated with rust-proof and matting. The blade hardness is 57-59 HRC, which is very suitable for field use. The two sides of the blade are engraved with ESEE brand logo and origin information. Expand the full text The tip of the knife is polished to be more rounded,titanium plate gr7, so as to avoid accidental injury. Black coating increases the anti-rust performance of high carbon steel, so that the performance of the tool is even better. NO.3 Fallkniven F1z straight survival knife Fallkniven, also known as FK, is a knife manufacturer from Sweden. It was founded in 1984. In the past 20 years, 6al4v titanium bar ,nickel titanium wire, it has been famous for producing high-quality hunting knives and fishing knives in northern Europe. It is recognized as the chief knife factory in Sweden. This F1 can be said to be a stepping stone for FK to enter the world market. The reason why F1z can become an excellent outdoor survival knife comes from its steel. Its material is very special. It is called clip steel. Simply speaking, it is a blade made of two different steels. On both sides of the knife, 420 high carbon steel (soft texture, good toughness) is used to clip VG10 steel (hard and brittle texture) through a special treatment technology. Under the special structure of soft clamping and hard clamping, it ensures that the knife will not break because of its brittleness in the case of high hardness. Js2900859653, learn more) No.4 American Strider SMF Series Tactical Knife This American STRIDER SMF series tactical folding knife. This SMF is a real tactical folding knife. Unlike the style of other STRIDER folding knives, this large tactical folding knife has all the functions of ST straight knife and can be carried around very well. The cutting hole and double-ended thumb stud near the back of the blade allow the user to operate smoothly with the thumb. The groove with wavy lines on the back of the blade allows the user to operate the cutting tool better and more accurately. The "STRIDER" logo and steel label are engraved on both sides of the blade root. The handle of this tactical jackknife uses a reliable frame lock structure, which is different from the structure of the general knife handle. The two sides of the handle of this series of works are made of different materials: one side is made of dark green textured G-10 material, while the other side with a frame lock is made of 6AL 4V titanium alloy and is also treated by stone washing. The stainless steel tool holder at the end of the handle has the same process, and the knurled groove at the back of the handle makes it more comfortable to hold the tool backhand, pulling or defensive movements at will. Therefore, each knife can not only be used as a high-quality collectible, but also as an ultimate survival tool for customers to use for life.
No.5 Topps Tahoma Outdoor Survival Knife The Topps Tahoma Wilderness Survival Knife is designed specifically for outdoor survival. It is made of 1095 high carbon steel with black nylon sheath. The integrated keel and the tail vertebra with the function of breaking at the end of the handle are very rigid. An S-003 number can be seen on the Tahoma blade, and the overall shape of the handle is ergonomically designed to give the user a better grip like a machete. Js2900859653, learn more) The Tahoma handle is made of classic brown Micarta material, which is excellent in heat resistance and durability, and has porridge sleeves on both sides of the handle for left-handed people to use,3d titanium wire, and a lanyard hole made of brass rings at the end of the handle. There is also a non-slip thumb groove at the top of the handle. Whether you are collecting specimens in the wild, or in the field of defending freedom, the Topus Tahoma Survival Knife is a very reliable companion in an uncertain world. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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